Michelle Koerselman

Name Michelle Koerselman 
E-mail m.koerselman@utwente.nl
Room Zuidhorst 133
Phone +31 53 489 7840
Function PhD student


Michelle (1991) studied Biomedical Engineering with a specialization in Bionanotechnology and Advanced Biomanufacturing at the University of Twente. For her internship she worked within the group of prof. dr. John Hunt at the University of Liverpool. Here an in vitro study was performed on kinetic detection of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in order to predict the patient specific performance of biomaterials. Her master thesis focused on in situ modification of injectable tissue engineered constructs using multifunctional microgels. In 2016 she graduated on this topic at the Developmental BioEngineering group. In 2017, she started as a PhD student in the Developmental BioEngineering group under supervision of prof. dr. Marcel Karperien. Her current research focuses on selection of VHH targets for chondrocytes and cartilage tissue in order to use as potential imaging markers and disease modifying treatment in OA.