Dr. J.C. (Janneke) Alers - LECTURER


Name Dr. Janneke Alers 
E-mail j.c.alers@utwente.nl
Room Zuidhorst 136
Phone +31 (0)53 - 489 6289 
Function Lecturer   


Dr. Janneke Alers studied Biology at Utrecht University with majors in Experimental Embryology and Immunopathology. She obtained her PhD degree in Medicine at the Department of Pathology of the Erasmus University Rotterdam in Cancer Cytogenetics in 1997. She continued working at the Erasmus MC as a postdoc in translational cancer research. In 2001 she accepted a position at the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF Kankerbestrijding)  as senior policy maker and secretary of the Dutch Cancer Society Signaling Committee on Cancer (SCK). She conducted, amongst others, a Delphi  study on imaging techniques for cancer patients in the Netherlands. From 2006 onwards, she worked as senior research coordinator and secretary of the Scientific Counsel of the Dutch Cancer Society for which she was responsible for the processing of grant applications for scientific research, training and education. In 2008 she became program manager of the Biomedical Engineering program at Twente University  and coordinator of the minor Medical Sports Physiology.  She  combined her coordinating tasks with developing and teaching courses related  to academic skills and introduction to medicine . She was involved in the design of new  TOM modules in the BMT Bachelor curriculum.

In 2011 she became full time lecturer in Cell Biology related courses and practicals in the Bachelor programs of Biomedical Engineering, Technical Medicine and Health Sciences. She is also participating as  lecturer in the individual project within the Honours Programme.

Currently she is coordinator of BMT modules 2, 5 and 11 and is embedded as full time lecturer at the Developmental BioEngineering group of the MIRA Institute for Biomedical Technology and Technical Medicine. In the DBE group she coordinates cell biology oriented teaching programs and is involved in coordinating bachelor and master assignments.

She is specialized in immunohistochemistry, histology, and in situ hybridization.



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