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UT Climate Centre Call for Proposals 2024 Seed Funding for Climate-Related Projects

The UT Climate Centre is pleased to announce a call for proposals for seed funding to support climate-related projects by staff and students at the UT. The centre aims to support projects that can (but are not limited to) contribute to developing expertise in using a geo-techno-social approach for climate solutions. The projects can be research and education-related and can cover a range of topics related to addressing the climate crisis.

This year we have two categories of seed funding available which are intended to support 1) new ideas related to research and educational development and 2) move emerging consortia further towards achieving greater impact. We encourage all proposals that bridge disciplinary boundaries and engage with stakeholders beyond academia, including policymakers, industry partners, citizens and various types of civil society organizations.

UT Climate Centre New Opportunities Grant

The UT Climate Centre New Opportunities Grant for mitigation and adaptation research and education projects serves as a catalyst for addressing emerging challenges and seizing untapped opportunities in the realm of climate change resilience. This grant is specifically designed to support innovative initiatives that explore novel approaches to mitigating the impacts of climate change and enhancing adaptive capacities across diverse sectors and communities. By providing funding and resources to pioneering research and education endeavors, the grant aims to foster experimentation, creativity, and collaboration in developing effective strategies for climate resilience. Projects funded under this grant may range from experimental research on cutting-edge technologies to community-based initiatives aimed at building local resilience and promoting sustainable practices. Ultimately, the New Opportunities Grant seeks to spark transformative change, inspire new insights, and empower stakeholders to proactively respond to the dynamic challenges posed by climate change, thereby fostering a more resilient and sustainable future for all.

There is in total €90k available for this Grant and a maximum of €30k will be awarded per grant. Costs that are expected under this grant relate to staff time, hiring of temporary research assistants, students as well as materials and equipment needed to undertake the proposed research.

UT Climate Centre Consolidator Fund

This new consolidator grant for research and educational development aims to help the UT address pressing mitigation and/or adaptation challenges by centralizing resources and expertise. This fund seeks to facilitate efforts to consolidate diverse research efforts, educational initiatives, and/or innovative projects under a unified framework. By enabling the consolidation of resources from various departments, faculties, and external partners, the grant is designed to support staff in building transdisciplinary collaborations, foster knowledge exchange, and leverage synergies between different fields of study. The grant aims to accelerate the development of impactful solutions to climate-related issues.

In total there is €30k available in this fund and a maximum of €15k will be awarded per request. Costs that are expected under this fund relate to organising workshops and developing consortia that seek to attain external resources for advancing the impact/reach of the consortium. Expected results of the Consolidator Fund would be an MOU, a submitted project proposal or a Declaration of Intent signed by  internal and external parties towards further collaboration.

Preference will first be given to projects building on 2023’s seed funding call and secondly to projects which align with  at least one of the Climate Centre’s prioritised challenges: Energy Systems Applications, Energy Generation and Storage, Sustainable Industry, Sustainable Heating/Cooling, Carbon Dioxide Removal, Planetary Health, Climate Proof Agriculture and Resilience to Weather Extremes.

More information

  • General Eligibility Criteria
    1. Staff and students from all faculties and departments of the UT are eligible to apply.
    2. Projects must have a clear focus on climate-related issues.
    3. Priority will be given to projects that have a focus on developing the UT geo-techno-social approach.
    4. Proposals that bring together expertise from multiple disciplines are strongly encouraged.
    5. Project results must be made openly available
  • Proposal Submission Guidelines
    1. Proposals should be submitted by email to the UT Climate Centre at climate-centre@utwente.nl.
    2. Proposals submission deadline is 17:00, March 8, 2024. Successful projects will be communicated at the latest April 2, 2024.
    3. Proposals should be (max) two pages in length and should include the following information:
      1. Project title
      2. Names and affiliations of project team members
      3. Project summary, including the research question(s) and objective(s) (where applicable)
      4. Description of the proposed activities
      5. Project timeline and budget (max €30.000 New Opportunities, €15.000 Consolidator)
      6. Expected outcomes and impact of the project
      7. Relevant expertise and qualifications of the project team members
  • Evaluation Criteria

    Proposals will be evaluated by the UT Climate Centre Coordinating Lead team based on the following criteria:

    1. Relevance and significance of the proposed project to climate-related issues
    2. Potential impact of the project on the field of climate research or education
    3. Clarity and feasibility of the project design and methodology
    4. Evidence of interdisciplinary collaboration and engagement with stakeholders
    5.  Appropriateness of the budget and timeline
  • Funding and Timeline

    Successful proposals will be awarded up to €30.000 (New Opportunities Grant) or €15.000 (Consolidator Fund) in seed funding to support their project activities. The project and associated costs must be completed and submitted to the Climate Centre by the end of 2024. Recipients of the seed funding will be required to submit a brief (max 3 page) report at the end of the funding period to be published on the UT Climate Centre website.

We look forward to receiving your proposals and supporting climate-related projects that advance our understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change. For any questions or clarifications, please contact us at climate-centre@utwente.nl.