Climate Cafe #3

  • What: Climate Cafe #3
  • When: 22 september 2023, 15:30-17:30
  • Where: DISC, Langezijds 2315
  • For who: Researchers, students and supporting staff interested in research and education related to climate solutions

Third Climate Cafe

We are excited to invite you to our third Climate Cafe event, where we will share the latest developments and future plans for the Climate Centre. This gathering promises a fruitful discussion and an opportunity to connect with individuals passionate about education and research that supports climate action.

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Short presentations

  • Annemarie Dedden (Industrial Engineering and Business Information Systems Department, IEBIS) on Effective Internal Activism
  • Senna Middelveld  (Knowledge, Innovation and Transformation of Education and Society, KITES) on Broadening the debate about green hydrogen production
  • Devrim Yazan (Industrial Engineering and Business Information Systems, IEBIS) on Sustainable Circular Economy Transition

Other highlights

  • Climate Centre Updates: Get an insight into our current plans and strategies aimed at further developing impact via the Climate Centre.Your feedback will be helpful in finalising the year plans for 2024 as well in helping to determine the strategy for achieving continuity and community goals.
  • Networking and Collaboration: Connect with like-minded colleagues and students, exchange ideas, and explore opportunities for collaboration. Building a strong network is key to achieving our climate objectives.
  • Refreshments: Enjoy light refreshments and engage in informal conversations with fellow participants.

Don't miss this chance to be a part of the climate solution and explore potential collaborations within BMS. For more information, please send an email to

Please register on time, so that we can arrange for catering. We look forward to seeing you there!

Climate Cafe #3