Cleverly packaged Science Cafe Enschede

The tab on a can of tomato puree that breaks off when you pull it. The coffee milk cup whose content ends up on your clothes instead of in your cup. Packaging annoyances are everyday occurrences. During this Science Café, packaging professor Roland ten Klooster explains what is involved. He shows that making packaging is a struggle between protecting the product, attracting attention on the shelf, ease of distribution and production costs. Of course, sustainability also plays a big role. Prof dr ir Roland ten Klooster is professor of Packaging Design & Management (UT) and a designer at Plato product consultants. For HAK, he designed the clever 1-2-OPEN lid and won a design award with it. In cooperation with Daedalus

Moderator: Ir Peter Timmerman, Studium Generale (UT).

Lecture in Dutch