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Lecture in Twents, there's nothing wrong with that!

While Dutch and English are advancing, a lot is also happening to keep the regional language alive. Songs, a Bible translation, TV series and films in Twents. High time for science in Twents! What do you know about the status and history of Twents and Low Saxon? And mini-hearing lectures in Twents on technology, society and history, how does that sound? With: Martin ter Denge (Lower Saxon), Ellen Peters (culture), Jan Broenink (robotics), Anne Bonvanie (ethics and technology) and Arjan Sterken (belief and regional myths), all will speak Lower Saxon! 

Moderators: Dr Femke Nijboer (university lecturer, columnist and ambassador for Twents) and Dr Steven Dorrestijn (Lecturer Ethics & Technology, Saxion).

Place: Concordia, Oude Markt 15

This program is in Dutch.


A. Heukels (Anneke)
Supporting staff