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Right of way for cyclists!

In the Netherlands, the car was given priority for years. Streets were designed for motorists and less for cyclists and pedestrians. Fortunately, this is changing, especially in the larger cities. What are the success factors of an effective cycling policy? Can Enschede rightly call itself a cycling city? And what about UT's campus? The recent 'ovonde' (oval roundabout) at the main entrance gives palpitations to many a road user. A debate on the tension between bicycles and cars in public spaces. Dr ir. Roland Kager is a mobility data analyst at StudioBereikbaar and tweets as @TrainBikeGuru. Drs. Benjamin Groenewolt is a policy advisor in mobility at the municipality of Enschede and helped Enschede win the title of best cycling municipality in 2020. In cooperation with the municipality of Enschede. This programme is in Dutch, click here for the Dutch version.


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