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Christiaan Krouwels

The inspiring life of Christy Aikhorin

Christy Aikhorin MSc. is a real globetrotter. She was born in Nigeria, lived in South Africa as a young adult before moving to the Netherlands for a Chemical Engineering Master degree at the UT. She has over 15 years project management experience, developing and directing sustainable based initiatives for a broad range of industries and companies, including Shell. A near death experience changed her life and she became focused on sustainability. Nowadays, she is director of ‘Women Engage for a Common Future’, an international NGO dedicated to a gender just and healthy planet for all. What made her change her point of view? In cooperation with SAB-ITC, UT Diversity and Inclusion, Equity, FFNT and OBP. Free drinks afterwards!

Lecture in English with subtitles in Dutch on the screen.


A. Heukels (Anneke)
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