Nobel Lectures

The Nobel Prizes in Physics, Chemistry and Medicine are awarded every year in October. Curious who will receive this honor in 2022? Then join the annual Nobel Lectures organized by the Faculty of Science and Technology (TNW) and Studium Generale! Scientists and science journalists explain what these prices are all about and who the winners are.

This year we have the following line-up: 

Prof.dr. Pepijn Pinkse (TNW) explains the Nobel Prize for Physics 2022 won by Alain Aspect, John Clauser and Anton Zeilinger for their groundbreaking experiments using entangled quantum states, where two particles behave like a single unit even when they are separated. Their results have cleared the way for new technology based upon quantum information. Read more. Jurriaan Huskens (TNW) elucidates the Nobel Prize for Chemistry 2022 won by Barry Sharpless and Morten Meldal for laying the foundation for a functional form of chemistry – click chemistry – in which molecular building blocks snap together quickly and efficiently. Carolyn Bertozzi has taken click chemistry to a new dimension and started utilising it in living organisms. Read more.

Moderator: Hans Hilgenkamp (TNW).  In cooperation with Arago, Alembic and Paradoks.

Buffet: 17:30-18:30 | Vrijhof/Foyer

Lectures: 18:30-20:00 | Vrijhof/Amphi

Costs (buffet): €10,-/ students free. Please register via Lectures free admittance.

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