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Week of Inspiration: The Science of Skating

There will be no livestream of this lecture. A recording can be watched afterwards via this link

Top skating athlete and neuroscientist Beorn Nijenhuis MSc explains how science can help in becoming a high performer. He experimented a lot with training techniques and schemes during his impressive skating career. Why is training-until-you-drop not effective? How much rest should one take? At the moment Nijenhuis is doing a PhD (at the University of Groningen) where he is investigating the so called ‘zwabbervoetmysterie’: a sudden loss of control of limbs experienced by top athletes, but also by professional musicians. What happens in the brain and muscles? Can this mystery be solved? In cooperation with student skating association De Skeuvel which celebrates its 55th anniversary.

Moderator: prof. dr. Joost Kok, Dean of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS) and Interim Honours Dean

Location: WAAIER  I

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