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CANCELLED: The search for exoplanets by Nobel Prize winner Didier Queloz

FYSICA 2020 was planned at University of Twente on Friday 17 April 2020.

Due to the corona virus, it is not possible to organise FYSICA at University of Twente at this date. 

At the moment the organising committee is investigating several options:

  • change into a digital event on April 17th;
  • postpone FYSICA to another date;
  • worst case scenario: cancel FYSICA 2020 totally.

Please check the Studium Generale website for the latest information or check: FYSICA 2020


The Swiss astronomer Didier Queloz received the Nobel Prize for Physics 2019 for his relentless search for exoplanets; planets outside our solar system revolving around other stars than the sun. Queloz built a highly sensitive spectrograph, which analyses light coming from neighbor stars. Stars with exoplanets appear to wobble a bit around a common center of gravity, causing a Doppler-shift in the light. Thanks to this technique already four thousand exoplanets have been pinpointed. In cooperation with FYSICA 2020.

Moderator: Jennifer Herek (Dean TNW)