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Studium Generale - Peter Kuipers Munneke Week of Inspiration

Peter Kuipers Munneke about melting ice sheets

In the last few decades, the vast ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica have started to lose more and more ice. It could be the start of a long process in which large parts of the ice sheets will ultimately disappear due to rising temperatures on Earth. It would lead to multi-metre sea level rise worldwide. But how fast? And by how much? Kuipers Munneke will show that, in order to understand the present and future behaviour of the ice sheets, we rely heavily on ever better satellites and ever faster computers.

Peter Kuipers Munneke studied physics and has a PhD in glaciology. He is specialized in the interaction between ice, snow and the atmosphere. He undertook several field campaigns to Greenland, Antarctica, and glaciers in Spitsbergen. He is also a weatherman for NOS, the largest tv news organization in The Netherlands.

Moderator: Peter Timmerman (SG)


In cooperation with Arago