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Studium Generale - Gaming: serious business

Playing videogames is not only fun, but in recent years it has grown to become serious business. To such an extent, that the very best compete in what is called e-sports. In countries like South-Korea gaming is immensely popular and very lucrative, and in the USA e-sports is the 2nd most viewed sports. What does it take to be a professional gamer? How does one prepare for professional matches? And how can research contribute to improving gaming performance? 

Fabian Mallant, a professional e-sports coach will give us insight in the e-sports world – he started out as a professional gamer and made the switch to coaching for a European team.

Dr. Guido Bruinsma is a psychologist and associate lector Digitalization in HRM (Saxion). His research focusses on serious gaming, e-sports and data. He is also a member of GameLabOost



In cooperation with game association Blueshell.