Robotics for Healthcare


Robotics can make a tremendous difference in finding solutions for the many challenges healthcare faces. With the latest robotic diagnostic tools, conditions can be diagnosed faster and more precisely, increasing the chance of survival for patients. More precise surgical robots can make operations less invasive, and therefore enable better and faster recovery for patients. In the near future, they may also enable surgeons to operate remotely. Robotic wearables are improving the quality of life of people with movement disorders. In these and many other ways, robotics can save lives, improve quality of life and healthcare, and enable medical professionals to reach further.


Examples of robotic projects for better healthcare results

Next Gen In-Vivo Cancer Diagnostics 
In order to increase the survival and quality of life of cancer patients, medical professionals have to make the correct diagnosis: only then can they offer the best possible treatment. One way to do that is by scanning the body by means of Optical Coherence Tomography. 

Soft Robotics
Can an MR-compatible robotic phantom that can simulate the respiratory motion of the human liver facilitate better needle placement and training of clinicians? This is one more area in which we are bringing robotics to life here. 

Already quite widely known, our work on exoskeletons is focused on understanding the complex dynamics of human-machine interaction. The better a – recovering - patient with a physical impairment can control the wearable robots, the more human motor capacity can be restored. 


The facilities enabling us to bring robotics to life:

Wearable Robotics Lab
Wearable robots can be used to either augment, train, or supplement human motor function. Examples include exo-skeletons, bionic prostheses, exo-suits, and body-worn collaborative robots. 

Surgical Robotics Lab
With a dynamic research agenda, and a multidisciplinary team - of engineers, clinicians, and industrial collaborators - we focus on developing innovative solutions for clinically-relevant challenges.


Together, we can create tomorrow’s robotic solutions

In teams of engineers, clinicians, and industrial partners, we develop innovative solutions for a broad range of impactful robotics. 

Digital Innovation Hub – Healthcare Robotics
With 17 European partners, we are accelerating innovation in robotics for healthcare. A strong understanding between robotics technology innovators and healthcare professionals will increase the development and adoption of new solutions in healthcare.