Combine academic research and education with a PDEng programme.

A PDEng (Professional Doctorate in Engineering) programme is a 2-year post-Master's designer programme at the University of Twente. In consultation with an organisation, this tailor-made programme will be designed to educate trainees who are able to design high level, creative and renewing designs for complex issues with a multidisciplinary character. The University of Twente offers five Post-Master PDEng programmes:

Education and practical designs

The programmes combine academic research in an industrial context with education in a range of related subjects. The two years consist of following courses at the university and/or research institutes (~50%) and a challenging technological design project within an organisation (~50%). The courses provide the trainee with the necessary technological and nontechnical background to evaluate the effects in the industrial context.

PDEng or PhD?

Although PDEng and PhD are both recognised as postgraduate titles, the PDEng is a more practical oriented doctorate in engineering than the PhD and is better suited to the needs of the industry. The three most pronounced differences between a PhD and PDEng programme are:

  • The PhD has a duration of 4 years whereas the PDEng has a duration of 2 years;
  • The PhD trainee is directly engaged with the university, the PDEng trainee with the professional field;
  • The PhD focuses on research, the PDEng on (technological) designs. You can find all available PDEng positions on this website among our vacancies. If there are no open vacancies for the programmes you are interested in, it is possible to submit an open application.