Mesa+ Meeting

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Energy storage and conversion


Jeroen Cornelissen/

Serge Lemay


Wilfred van der Wiel/

Willem Vos


Guido Mul/

Mark Huijben

Room 3

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14.15 – 14.30

Kerensa Broersen (NBP)

Detection of protein aggregates and what we can learn from this about the process of neurodegeneration

Tao Chen (NE)

Boolean logic with disordered dopant systems in silicon

Igor Siretanu (PCF)

Elucidating the mechanisms behind the facet-selectivity photo-deposition of metals and metal oxides on BiOBr particles

14.35 – 14.50

Jacopo Movilli (MNF)

Functionalized PLL as a new strategy for surface modification and biosensing

Cock Harteveld (COPS)

Fabrication of three-dimensional silicon nanostructures for nanophotonics

Deepak Singh (IMS-NECS)

3-D Vertically Aligned Graphene Electrodes for High Performance Lithium–Sulfur Batteries

14.55 – 15.10

Jin Z. Cui  (NI)

Potential-controlled adsorption and separation of redox species in nanofluidic devices

Satadal Dutta (SC)

Light from silicon

Kai Han (PCS)

Promoting Photocatalytic Overall Water Splitting by addition of Mg to SrTiO3

15.15 – 15.30

Dennis Alveringh (MSS)

Fully integrated mass flow, pressure, density and viscosity sensor for both liquids and gases

David Dubbink (IMS)

Epitaxial integration of perovskite oxides on silicon

Wouter Vijselaar (MNF)

H2O + hν = H2