FFNT Membership assists your career at UT through an expansive collection of knowledge resources, higher education specific content, and networking opportunities.

Membership benefits


Membership includes instant access to monthly on-campus events featuring professional development workshops and creative thinking sessions. Join us to learn about a variety of topics of interest to women researchers, including the politics of promotion, assertiveness at the workplace, work-life balance and generation of successful social media presence (just to name a few).


We help our members navigate the promotion-related organizational pathways and the academic system of promotion criteria.

Be the first to know national and international initiatives for women in science. Expand your knowledge — and your horizons — with resources concerning women-only grants, scholarships and prizes.


We make it easy to connect with academic women employees at UT to network, share ideas, and get advice, whether locally through UT FFNT Board Members or virtually through the FFNT Group on LinkedIn.

FFNT members enjoy free access to the annual New Year’s breakfast, the bi-monthly ‘Lunch with a Leader’ events and the FFNT annual conference featuring keynotes by world class speakers on inclusiveness as well as skill-focused workshops.


Enjoy free access to the annual conference for women within the The Netherland’s Royal Engineering Society (KIVI).

If you want to become a member please send a request to FFNT website and fill in this form.

At the moment the FFNT has over 400 members.