Activities 2015

Activities 2015

Photo exposition: “Women in Mathematics throughout Europe: a Gallery of Portraits”

Academia versus Industry

PhD candidates are often overwhelmed by the possibilities of future career paths. The choice between industry and academia is easy for some, while incredibly fraught for others. In addition, PhDs are often unaware of ‘alternative’ and non-traditional career options, such as starting as an entrepreneur or working for a governmental agency

During this edition of our PhD day, we want to present you with a variety of career opportunities and to better prepare you for achieving your desired position. Therefore we invited many interesting speakers and offer free workshops preparing you for the future!

The day program is full of interesting speeches, presentations and workshops all tailored to help you to get your dream job. We also provide you with a free lunch!

The evening program will start with a dinner at the restaurant De Kater; followed by a pub quiz organized by Tom Kuipers of Let's Quiz!

Join us at the PhD Day 2015 and get ready for your future!