Activities 2015

Activities 2015

Photo exposition: “Women in Mathematics throughout Europe: a Gallery of Portraits”

Dear ladies,

The Female Faculty Network Twente invites you to an afternoon workshop:

“Public Speaking”

Led by Erna Lankhorst

on 29 June 2015 from 13.30 till 16.30 hrs.

In the Hotel Drienerburght

There is a lot to learn about public speaking. It’s not only about sharing the content of what you have to say. Sometimes we wonder, why we are not heard when we  speak up. So in this workshop we will discuss why some people are really good in making an impression in their talk, what makes them good? Has it something to do with gender? We will take a closer look and see how you can bring the public into your attention span. What you can do with timing in your talks, breaks and how to fill them?

With theatre and voice techniques you will learn more about non-verbal communication, gestures, body-language, volume and the impact of muscle tension. You will exercise to train your voice and to use different voices at different moments; higher pitch to bring relaxation, lower pitch to be more convincing. Everything to make your speech or speaking in public more fascinating. 

Erna Lankhorst studied psychology, speech therapy and speech- & language pathology. She took master classes with several voice- and theatre teachers and has more than 20 years teaching and coaching experience in communication skills, storytelling, voice work and body language. She runs her own company and works for several clients.

Please reply if you want to join this workshop by sending an e-mail to: The number of places is limited to 15 and offered on the first come first serve basis.

If you cannot attend the event after registration, PLEASE CANCEL in writing to to contain the costs of the event. Thank you for your understanding!

Looking forward to seeing you in the workshop.

Kind regards on behalf of FFNT,

Prof. Liudvika Leisyte, Chair