Female Faculty Network Twente (FFNT)

The Female Faculty Network Twente kindly invites you to the:

Voice training

Speaking with eloquence

by Jannemiek Musters

Friday 28 February 9.30 - 13.30 (including lunch)

in Drienerburght, room D.

(The workshop will be in Dutch!)


In this workshop, together with the vocal coach Jannemiek Musters, we will be searching for the optimal sound of our voice to increase self-confidence and gain credibility and power when speaking in public.


By means of a grounded posture, efficient use of breath and optimal strengthening of the voice sound, we will learn to speak clearly and with confidence. In addition, a number of useful techniques from the Estill Voice Training (EVT) and the Lichtenberger method will be used to practice. The Lax Vox method will also be explained and practiced. For this, the participants should bring a small water bottle.


Each participant is expected to prepare a simple, maximum 3-minute long presentation. This will be the basis for Jannemiek to provide individual coaching, while other participants will provide feedback as well. Video recordings will be made.  


Info trainer: www.jannemiekmusters.nl


Only 7 participants can join the training, so register fast by sending an email to ffnt@utwente.nl