Female Faculty Network Twente (FFNT)

Dear members of FFNT and OBP-VN,

To celebrate International Women’s Day, the two women’s networks of the UT: OBP-VN (administrative and managerial staff) and FFNT (Female Faculty Network) invite you to:

Presentation by Sunny Bergman

writer and film maker

on March 10, 15:00 - 16:00hrs, followed by discussion

in the Vrijhof, Audiozaal.

Afterwards there will be drinks and the possibility to buy her book and to have it signed.


Sunny Bergman is a writer and film maker, known for her personal style and critical view on societal issues regarding women’s beauty and sexuality. Her book and documentaries reflect the combination of interviews and experiments she carries out herself. In her latest book “Sletvrees” (Slut phobia) she zooms in on appearance, sex and culture. The book is a compilation of material used in the three documentaries she made in the past years: “Beperkt houdbaar” (Over the Hill), about the ideals of female beauty, “The Sunny Side of Sex”, about views on women and sexuality world-wide  and “Sletvrees” about sexuality and reputation in the Western world.  She won the Dick Scherpenzeel Prijs 2011 for “The Sunny Side of Sex”.

In this lecture Sunny Bergman will present parts of her work, illustrated with clips from her documentaries, and highlight how this affects our personal and professional lives.


14:30 hrs                             Room open

15:00-16:00 hrs                 Lecture by Sunny Bergman

16:00-16:30 hrs                 Questions and discussion, moderated by dr. ir. Wietske Bijker, vice chair FFNT

16:30 hrs                             Drinks


If you want to attend this presentation please register by sending an e-mail to ffnt@utwente.nl by March 6 at the latest, so we can organize the catering.

If you cannot attend after you have registered, we would appreciate your written cancellation.

Looking forward to seeing you at the event!

Wietske Bijker

Vice-chair FFNT