Dear ladies,

The Female Faculty Network Twente invites you to the workshop:

“Personal Branding”

on Wednesday 17th April

from 13.30 till 17.30 in Drienerburght building

The workshop Personal Branding deals with the gentle art of selling yourself as a female researcher in a technical environment. The art of creating a lasting and attractive impression is known as personal branding. In professional world it is vital for career and success to be able to ‘sell’ yourself and your ideas in an authentic and powerful way. Visibility and presence are imperative in the competitive environment.

Many of us are taught to do our best and then let the world decide how to judge us. Won’t it be better to do your best, decide how you want to be judged and act that way? Here marketing yourself as a brand is important.

Specific focus:

We will practice the delivery of a strong pitch and you will see that each of us has a particular blend of ‘ blue’ and ‘pink’ characteristics which we can use for our highest benefit. We will also discuss the characteristics of pitching related to personal branding.

Program and learning objectives:

In this half day workshop you will learn a personal branding methodology for female scientists. We will first discuss some commonly made mistakes and misunderstandings about personal branding and then introduce a unique branding concept. This will be followed by exercises which will help you formulate your own brand, as well as present it in a lively and convincing way.

Topics that are covered include:

• What is personal branding and why is it important?

• The 10-p model of personal branding.

• The use of social media.

• Providing a brief and convincing female 'pitch'

Personal Branding Expert: Drs. Cees Harmsen

Cees Harmsen is a senior consultant, coach and practitioner, with an experience of 25 years in the

area of Personal Branding and Talent Development. He is a frequent publisher about personal

branding in management magazines and author of three successful books: This is your Wake-up

call (2008), Opmerkelijke Ik (2001) and Present! (2012). As a coach and workshop leader he works

for a lot of universities and scientific organizations, such as RUG (Belgium), RUU, RIVM and the University Twente.

If you are interested, please register by email:

We look forward to seeing you at this workshop,

Dr. Liudvika Leisyte

FFNT Chair