International Women's Day

Dear colleague,

The two female networks of our university (FFNT and OBP VrouwenNetwerk) organized the International women’s day on March 8.

Here you can see the power point presentation of Professor Karen van Oudenhoven.

The 8th of March is a worldwide commemoration of the struggle of women for equal opportunities. In the Netherlands gender equality is ensured by laws. At the same time at the work floor we still see a lot of gender difference in salary, positions and recognition. Creating an inclusive organization where differences are appreciated forms the solid base for the development of each individual talent and the path to equality in recognition of this talent.

This year’s celebration will feature Prof. Dr. Karen van Oudenhoven-van der Zee key-note talk “The Inclusive University”.  The talk will address the questions – what does inclusiveness mean for the organization and for each individual employee?  What characteristics of organizations and individuals  support inclusiveness?

Prof. Dr. Karen van Oudenhoven-van der Zee is the Dean of the Faculty of Behavioral Sciences and full professor of Organizational Psychology, Cultural Diversity and Integration. Her research is aimed at diversity in organizations, integration of immigrants, social identity and threat, intercultural competencies.

The Program:

12.00-12.15 Welcome with Lunch

12.15-13.00: Talk

13.00-13.30: Discussion

13.30-14.00: Coffee and sweets

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