Female Faculty Network Twente (FFNT)

3TU Conference

Engineering your career:

collaboration, independence and competition

Monday, November 18, 2013

UT Campus (whole day)

TU/e Campus (morning livestream, afternoon workshops)

TU Delft Campus (morning livestream)

How to best build and maintain a successful academic career? Academic success not only requires excellent research results, but also collaboration with other researchers, independence in building your own research theme and research group, and competition with other researchers, e. g.  for research grants. How to balance between collaboration, independence and success while building your academic career? What are best practices?

The female faculty networks of the three technical universities (DEWIS, FFNT, WISE) invite you (men and women) for an inspiring conference. We offer internationally renowned scientists, practical and useful workshops and inspiring discussions; all of these are geared to achieving academic excellence and contributing to our career development.

Please save the date and follow FFNT website for more information this September.

FFNT Board