Work-Life Balance lunch meeting

Dear ladies,

The Female Faculty Network Twente invites you to the pre-Christmas lunch


on Thursday 13th December

from 12.30 till 13.30 in Horsttoren T1300

In the Netherlands it is believed that it is difficult to combine family and career for professional women. The so called ‘Bermuda triangle’ between 30 and 40 year olds is the key period where most of the women leave career opportunities for family. Working full-time if you have children is frowned upon. The whole system of daycare and schools is organized in a way not to accommodate both working parents. Some argue, that it takes very good organization at home, paying for help to balance career and family. Others argue that it is about both parents working four days per week and sharing home responsibilities equally. Others argue that even working part-time it is possible to make a career, but it takes longer time to reach the top.

Academic careers some argue are more flexible and thus may accommodate family demands better than other careers. At the same time –academic careers demand working overtime and weekends with the demands to publish and perish – thus, family time may be reduced and compromised.

To address some of these issues FFNT plans a lunch meeting with four successful academic women at different stages of their careers at the UT. They have experienced juggling between home and work, between high profile academic achievements and children at home.

Four round-table discussions with short introductions will feature our guests:

Dr. Tanya Filatova (MB, assistant professor)

Qiwei He (GW, Phd student)

Dr. Marielle Stoelinga (EWI, associate professor)

Prof. Jennifer Herek (TNW, professor)

Free lunch will be provided. If interested, please register before 1 December by email:

In case you will cancel, please inform Marjolein Rietman to contain the costs of the event. We appreciate your understanding.

We look forward to seeing you at this pre-Christmas event,

Liudvika Leisyte

FFNT Chair

Further information about the FFNT you can find at:

FFNT aims to support the professional development of women in academia and to provide a network for sharing and exchanging experience. It develops workshops and lectures specially for women and also organises activities aimed at women jointly with PA&O (whose activities are otherwise gender neutral).