Female Faculty Network Twente (FFNT)

Photo exposition: “Women in Mathematics throughout Europe: a Gallery of Portraits”

Based on the “World Café” method of open group dialogues, the FFNT Discussion Café will give you a chance to meet experts from different disciplines and discuss the core themes on gender and academic leadership. The Café conversations are an effective method for creating a collaborative dialogue around six topics

How it works

Please sign up for maximum three out of six discussion tables using the form below.

The three time slots of 20 minutes will be available for discussion.

During each time slot, the moderator of each table discussion will pose the questions and start the discussion.

At the end of each time slot the moderator summarizes the points and the participants move to a new table.

After the Discussion Café the main points will be presented in the panel discussion.

Please register for 3 discussion tables:

- Table 1: Promotion criteria in academia
(Moderator: Mieke Boon)

Are promotion criteria gender neutral? What best practices in using gender neutral criteria can be identifed? How can we decide whether the criteria are gender neutral?

- Table 2: Academic leadership: competition versus cooperation
(Moderator: Rosemary Deem)

How the leaders balance between competition and cooperation in the culture of their organization? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both extremes?

- Table 3: Dealing with gender stereotypes at the work floor
(Moderator: Janka Stoker)

How to manage the positive/negative gender stereotypes in your immediate work environment?

- Table 4: Group dynamics, performance and diversity
(Moderator: Silvia Prins)

How does diversity influence group dynamics and performance?

- Table 5: Consolidating effective gender mainstreaming policies in universities
(Moderator: Curt Rice)

How to promote common action and best practice to mainstream gender in organization contexts? What can be done to ensure the progress monitored? What are the mechanisms of feedback to facilitate effective implementation?

- Table 6: Female academic status in the Netherlands
(Moderator: Simone Buitendijk)

Science in the Netherlands is among the top 8 in the world, the percentage of female academics at the top is among the lowest in the world. Why shall we endeavor to create diversity?


Inquire by asking open questions

Speak your mind and heart

Link and connect ideas

Listen together for insights and deeper questions

Write on the post-its

Have fun!