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Professor Carla Millar

Carla Millar is Professor of International Marketing & Management at the University of Twente, a Fellow at Ashridge, and a Partner in Management Partners, Consultants. She has developed several international brand concepts for Unilever and other MNCs, led major research projects, pioneered new business school modules at City University Business School and the University of Greenwich, and initiated changes in European legislation and in university regulations.

In the field of equal representation of women Carla started as a pioneer, was not a ‘women’s lib’ advocate but had a policy of quietly but firmly challenging male-exclusivity assumptions and maintained persistence and commitment until there was a chink in the glass ceiling and she was able to slip through. Later she carried out research in the area and through her coaching and mentoring she shared her theories, ideas and experience with others.

She is an active Ambassador for the advancement of women in academic careers, served for many years as member of the Board of the Dutch Network of Female Professors, as Secretary of the Academy of International Business (UK) and Treasurer of the Academy of Marketing and has been a member of the UT Ambassadors network since its inception.

Carla previously also held appointments as CEO of City University Business School’s Management Development Centre, Dean of TSM Business School, Professor at the University of Groningen, Visiting Professor at ANU, Canberra, the University of Maribor, Slovenia and ESSEC, France after appointments at Unilever, where she was the first female line manager, Bowater and Ferranti. She has expertise in international research, Masters and Executive teaching, and consultancy, spanning subjects such as international branding and reputation, cross-cultural positioning, business ethics, communication and Public Affairs, creativity, knowledge and intangibles, corporate governance, knowledge intensive services marketing management, and international business and emerging markets. 

Carla Millar has published in e.g. the Journal of Management Studies, the British Journal of Management, Management International Review, the Journal of Business Ethics, the Journal of Organisational Change Management, Service Industries Journal, Journal of Knowledge Management and the Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing. She guest edited Special Issues of the Journal of Business Ethics and the Journal of Public Affairs, and co-authored books on ‘Emergent Globalisation’ (2005), ‘Knowledge Entanglements’ (2006) and ‘Ethical Leadership: global challenges and perspectives’ (2011). Her current research focuses on sustainability driven organisational change, ethics and innovation and national governance bundles.