2012 Survey

The FFNT 2012 Survey Report

Photo exposition: “Women in Mathematics throughout Europe: a Gallery of Portraits”


The bi-annual FFNT survey 2012 was aimed to inform FFNT members and the broader UT community about the current situation of gender balance at the UT, career perspectives of female academics at the UT as well as the needs of female academics as regards the FFNT events. We want to thank all colleagues who took their time to participate in the FFNT 2012 survey. We found the results interesting and beneficial to inform future FFNT strategy and activities.

The FFNT administered an online survey of female academics at the UT to receive feedback on the FFNT activities, to assess the possibilities for career progression of its members and to identify possible issues that FFNT can address in the future. The online survey was administered from 1 February to 2 March 2012. We received answers from129 respondents (25% of total female academic staff at the UT) .

Two questions were guiding our analysis to provide insights about the possibilities for career progression of female academics at the UT

1.What factors lead to satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the academic career at the UT among female academics?

2.Are female academics encouraged to stay at the UT and which factors are important for them to stay?

The survey covered the following topics:

Career and Professional Development

Appraisal/Evaluation System (Jaargesprek en Beoordelingsgesprek)

Mentors and Role Models

Recruitment, Selection and Promotion

Work-Life Balance

FFNT Activities

The report is structured as follows. First we introduce the distribution of respondents, then describe each of the topics covered in the survey and further answer the three earlier-posed questions. We l conclude by summing up the overall findings and formulating suggestions for improving UT as a gender balanced organization.

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