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Workshop Sara Shinton "Personal Branding"

Photo exposition: “Women in Mathematics throughout Europe: a Gallery of Portraits”

The Female Faculty Network Twente invites you to the workshop:

‘Personal Branding’

by Sara Shinton

on Friday 1 July, from 9.00 till 13.00 hrs.

in building the Drienerburght

Personal branding is the new buzz in career management, yet you might wonder what it has to do with your career in academia or with your transition into a new direction.

Wherever they are, successful professionals have a few things in common: they know what they are good at and how they manage their careers by playing to their strengths; they often stand out for what they do, know or the way they are; they are clear about what makes them unique and how they differentiate themselves from their peers. And importantly, they also know how they are perceived by others and what their reputation is. In a nutshell, this is what personal branding means.

In this workshop, we will help you get a sense of your own personal brand and how you can use it effectively to manage your career. We will look at real examples of strong personal brands that we are all familiar with, to identify key components of a brand; do a number of exercises for you to appreciate your own brand, and discuss different approaches to managing your brand at work.

We will also discuss how to use online tools such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and your (university) web profiles to help you manage your online identity and reputation.

Workshopleader: Dr. Sara Shinton started her career as a scientist in physical chemistry, but later on she found out that educating and coaching scientists on career issues suited her better. Since going freelance in July 2000, Dr Sara Shinton has focused on career matters that relate to academia and science. She has given the workshop ‘Understand the academic political system’ last November for us and various workshops on the NWO talent days.

Please reply if you want to join this workshop by sending an e-mail to: FFNT@utwente.nl

FFNT aims to support the professional development of women in academia and to provide a network for sharing and exchanging experience. It develops workshops and lectures especially for women and also organises activities aimed at women jointly with PA&O (whose activities are otherwise gender neutral).