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Workshop focus, ambition and female talent: Monday March 21st 2011

The Female Faculty Network Twente is inviting you to our workshop:

Focus, ambition and female talent

by Esther Mollema

on Monday 21 March, from 13.00 till 17.00 hrs.

in building the Drienerburght

Women seem - more often than men - to lose their ambitions. To fulfil your dreams, you have to understand why it´s so easy to let them go, most of the time unconsciously.

In this practical workshop you will see that women are no less ambitious, but socialized not to announce their ambitions openly.

How do you keep focus and what are your talents? How do you make them known and visible to others?

Making you work known and visible, knowing  the rules of the game and participate consciously.  These are all aspects that contribute to your visibility and appreciation. We will discuss the informal rules of organizations. What are those rules? Am I participating (unconsciously) and what can I improve? Can I pinpoint and choose moments in which I can be more visible, with minor adjustments andin touch with who I am? We will give you four moments when you can show your leadership competence.

We will discuss the following questions:

- What is ambition?

- How clear do you have in mind what your ambitions are?

- Why is it important to know what  driv you?

- Why does ambition work slightly different for women and men?

- What are the rules of the game?

- When can I show my leadership competence?

Esther Mollema

 After her study at Nyenrode and at Thunderbird in Phoenix, Arizona, Esther Mollema (1965) worked as a director of several training organisations in the Netherlands, Japan, Germany and the United States. Since 1999 Esther Mollema is founder and director of Direction. She gives trainings, lectures and master classes on the theme: Female leadership, diversity and gender awareness. In 2009 her first book was published: ’50% meer talent: zo scoor je met vrouwen’.

Please reply if you want to join this workshop by sending an e-mail to: FFNT@utwente.nl

Kind regards on behalf of the Female Faculty Network Twente (FFNT),

Liudvika Leisyte, Chair