Lecture: Gender related researsch, Monday September 21th

Photo exposition: “Women in Mathematics throughout Europe: a Gallery of Portraits”

The Female Faculty Network Twente is inviting you to a lunch meeting on:

“Gender related research”

on Monday 21 September from 12.30 till 14.00 hrs.

in building the Drienerburght

At the UT we have a number of women doing gender related research, or having done this in the past or are simply interested in the status of the local gender research. This invitation is intended for these women.

The gender interested women we know are all more or less singletons in their environments. We would like to bring them together for a meeting where we can exchange what people are doing or have done, and, even more important, what they would like to do. The outcome would hopefully be inspiration and possibly cooperations.

Short contributions will be made by Karin Sanders (GW), Savitri Saharso (MB) and Joy Clancy (MB), and hopefully also by other interested participants.


Please reply if you want to join this lunch meeting by sending an e-mail to: FFNT@utwente.nl

Kind regards on behalf of the Female Faculty Network Twente (FFNT),

Angelika Mader, Chair

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13th October, 13.00-18.00 hrs. Workshop Presentatie en Stemgebruik, Jetske Zijlstra, Drienerburght

3rd December, 14.00-16.30 hrs. Workshop “Loesje”, Drienerburght


FFNT aims to support the professional development of women in academia and to provide a network for sharing and exchanging experience. It develops workshops and lectures specially for women and also organises activities aimed at women jointly with PA&O (whose activities are otherwise gender neutral).