Lunch Lectrue: Karl Luyben, Publish or Perish, Thursday April 24th

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Publish or Perish

Here you can find the presentation given by Prof. Karel Luyben

Publishing is an integral part of research. Frequent publication and even better frequent citations are at the heart of being seen. The pressure to publish is spreading rapidly into all disciplines of the academic community.

How does one deal with this pressure? How to publish? What are the indicators to look after? These and other questions will be addressed in this contribution.

Administrators will put pressure on producing cutting-edge research. What is, however, the right balance between number of publications, number of citations and results from other responsibilities like teaching?

At this moment a 3TU.study is underway to access the citation results of the researchers, research groups, complete faculties and the universities as a whole. In this presentation and the following discussion we will address the (initial) results of this study. What can we learn from these results? How to deal with citation data as a researcher?

Short Résumé

Professor Karel Ch.A.M. Luyben

Karel Luyben

Karel Ch.A.M. Luyben was born in Tilburg (NL) in 1951. He received his university education at Eindhoven University where he studied Chemical Engineering. He majored in Physical Technology and graduated with an MSc degree in 1976. He subsequently joined the

Agricultural University in Wageningen (NL) where he worked as a Researcher (and laterSupervisor) in the field of Process Engineering. His research focused on transport phenomena in drying materials (desorption) and active carbon (adsorption). Hereafter, he undertook a year-long contract research function in industry, both in Germany (Bayer) and the Netherlands (Cehave).

In 1983 he was appointed as Professor in Biochemical Engineering at the Delft University of Technology (NL) and in 1984 he was elected as president of the joint venture ‘Biotechnology Delft Leiden’ (BDL), where he was instrumental in establishing and nurturing the biotechnology-related activities in both the universities of Delft and Leiden. From 1985- 1990, he fulfilled the role of Chairman of the Netherlands Biotechnology Society (NBV) and made notable contributions towards stimulating Dutch activities in this field. He was awarded honorary membership of the NBV in 1992.

He was Scientific Director of the Graduate School ‘Biotechnological Sciences Delft Leiden’ (BSDL) from its foundation in 1993 up until 1998. In this latter year, he co-founded BIRD (Biotechnology Integrated Research & Development) Engineering, a small-medium sized Biotechnology company providing bespoke solutions and advice to the Biotechnology Industry. He is currently President of BIRD’s non-executive Board.

He has held numerous other key positions related to the fields of Biotechnology and Process Engineering including that of Chairman of the European Federation of Biotechnology (EFB) and Chairman of the European Section on Biochemical Engineering Science (ESBES) of the EFB (1999—2002). Throughout his career to date, he has provided and continues to provide consultation services to industries in the areas of Technology and Strategy & Policy. A prolific author and accomplished lecturer, he has published more than 200 scientific articles in prominent international journals, textbooks and proceedings. He has given more than 200 international lectures and seminars and has acted as Promoter for some 30 PhD students.

Professor Luyben is currently Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences at the Delft University of Technology. Reporting to the University Senate he is responsible for the management and development of this large, research- oriented faculty, which has an annual turnover of Euro 80 million. The faculty houses six departments spread over the university campus and has approximately 1,000 employees and a student body of some 1,500 national and international students.