Invitation to Mentor network

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We are pleased to invite you to take part in the mentor network.
The UT attaches great value to the development of its staff. Through this network, we offer all staff members of the UT the opportunity to work on their development with the support of a senior staff member. The mentor can advise you on the different strategies regarding problems you are struggling with, and can brainstorm with you and point out useful strategies for your career.
If you as a senior staff member are willing to share your experience with another staff member, we kindly request you to sign up as a mentor.
If you as a staff member want to work at your development with the support of a mentor, we invite you to sign up as a mentee.
This time the network is open for males and females and will start on October the first.
Some of you already take part in the mentor network. If you do you can consider this message just to inform you. Maybe it’s possible to enthuse colleagues tot join the network.
Please check the PA&O website for more information or contact me.
Thank you.
Kind regards,
Laura Bruggink
Universiteit Twente, dienst PA&O
Tel: 053-4894480