Cycling through the Dutch Jungle, 30 November 2007

The FFNT invites its members, who are in The Netherlands for longer than six months, and who are eager to exchange experience on living in The Netherlands and working at the University of Twente, to join us at the Cycling through the Dutch jungle lunch-meeting.

The FFNT wishes to greet and meet recently arrived female PhD students, PostDocs and lecturers. For that reason, we want to invite them for a lunch-meeting in a relaxed atmosphere with the symbolic title ‘Cycling through the Dutch jungle’. The aim of the lunch-meeting is to help the newly employed female academics by sharing our own experiences in adapting to the UT environment and every day’s life in The Netherlands. . Our impression is that we all have or had the same doubts and questions when starting to work and live here. We wish to welcome them and help them “cycle” easily through “Dutch jungle” and to quickly find out how everything works by discussing it with us who already experienced the adjusting period.

If you find yourself interested to participate, please confirm your attendance by e-mail "FFNT@utwente.nl" before the 15th November.

The first meeting is planned for November 30th 2007, in the Faculty Club from 12:30 – 14:00 h. We hope to meet you there!

Kind regards,

Sanja, Jelena and Laura from FFNT