Introductory Workshop Professional Profiling (PD/UD/UHD) Thursday March 20th

Photo exposition: “Women in Mathematics throughout Europe: a Gallery of Portraits”

Introductory Workshop Professional Profiling

For university teachers/researchers

You want to be appreciated for your work, come across more effectively and fine-tune your profile. The workshop Professional Profiling might just be something for you.

It is not what you know but the way you present yourself, that makes the difference. As a university teacher and researcher, you have a lot of knowledge. However, career-wise you don’t get rewarded, when people do not know what you have to offer. This workshop will help you enhance your visibility in the big organisation the university is, and in the wider scientific community.

Women’s lack of visibility (glass ceiling) is a big issue at universities. It is one of the main reasons why women don’t reach the top. Whether you want this or not: if you want results, there are some pitfalls you have to avoid. Therefore we will tell you what the importance in presenting en profiling is. The concept of talentbranding can be useful here.

Of course we are also doing some practical work, individually, in situations you encounter regularly. During the workshop your profile will be fine-tuned and we will teach more about how to make your view known to others in an effective way. You will exchange experiences with fellow women in your position and gain more confidence.

This workshop will take place at the 20th of march from 13:00 till 17:00 hrs. in building Logica.

Ariëlle Brouwer (Brouwer Theater en Training Amsterdam) en Linda van der Wal (Linda TrainingenAdvies.com Utrecht) will be your trainers.

Could you please reply if you want to join this workshop by sending an e-mail to : FFNT@utwente.nl