New Years Reception January 15th 2007

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The Female Faculty Network Twente whises everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The FFNT kindly invites you for our New Years reception to start the new year together. Linda van der Wal will give a lecture on

‘Old habits and good intentions’. The lecture is based on her book ‘Oude gewoonten, goede voornemens’ (Old habits, good intentions).

Date:   Monday 15 January 2007

Time:  16.00 h – 16.45 h: Lecture Linda van der Wal

16.45 h: Borrel

Place: Drienerburght

Happy New Year!

The central topic of her book ‘Oude gewoonten, goede voornemens’ on which the lecture is based is: Having good intentions is easy, but how do you realize them? Everybody has dreams, annoyances and secret wishes she (or he) finally wants to work on. In her book Linda describes the 4-step-approach how to successfully realize your dreams and wishes. In her lecture she will give you tools and inspirations to make your dreams reality by a technique based on a positive approach and concrete actions. For more information please have a look at Linda’s website http://www.trainingenadvies.com/Goede-voornemens.php  

Summary Interactive Lecture ‘Old habits, good intentions’

A lot of people have good intentions at the start of a new year. They would like less stress and more career development at the workplace. In their private life a lot of people want to lose weight and exercise more. Although throughout the year a lot of people have wishes, dreams and annoyances, it is very difficult to maintain new habits. It all comes down to behavioural change and the struggle with old habits. Old habits are routines, automated behaviour, which is hard to change. That is why a lot of good intentions fail to become reality. Although it can be hard, it is definitely not impossible to change. A good preparation and the willingness to change are important success factors. In the interactive lecture Linda van der Wal will present practical tips and backgrounds based on scientific research so your good intentions will become a success.

Could you please reply if you want to join this lecture by sending an e-mail to: FFNT@utwente.nl

We hope to see you all,

Board of the FFNT

Merry christmas