Workshop 'Getting and giving criticism', Thursday September 14th & October 19th

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The Female Faculty Network Twente kindly invites you for our workshops "Getting and giving Critisism". The first session was organised on September 14th. The second will be on October 19th. Each session starts at 17.30 and continues until 21.30 hours. At around 18.30 hours sandwiches will be served.

It is possible to attend the second session if you were not able to attend the first.

‘I can cope with feedback rather well when I receive it, but giving it to someone else, is so scary……’

‘Pointing out the mistakes of someone else is the easy part, but when someone does this to me I feel so ashamed that I just do not know what to say.’

Giving and receiving feedback is an exiting subject for most of us. Especially when we use the word ‘Criticism’ instead of feedback, tension is rising. To criticize an article is one, but doing so on another one’s behaviour?

In our workshop ‘Feedback; Give and Take’ we focus on how to provide and receive feedback in an effective manner. Doing so increases our chances on success. Resulting in for example our colleagues showing up on time in the meeting. In several exercises during the workshop we explore the do’s and don’ts in feedback. Besides the simulations and exercises an small theoretical framework is provided. Preparing a few examples of difficult ‘Feedback-situations’ will help your participation in the workshop.

‘Feedback; Give and Take’ is successfully executed several times for students of the University of Twente in close cooperation with Studium Generale. The workshop will be facilitated by Franke Jongsma, graduated in Psychology in Groningen in 1997. After working for years for TSM Business School in Enschede he is now managing the training and development processes in KEMA.

Please reply if you want to join this workshop by sending an e-mail to : FFNT@utwente.nl.
You can find
further information about the FFNT on: http://www.utwente.nl/ffnt/

I hope to see you on 19th October.

Kind regards on behalf of the Female Faculty Network Twente (FFNT)