Workshop 'Stratego for women', Wed. June 28th

The Female Faculty Network Twente is happy to invite you to a challenging workshop 'Stratego for women'. This workshop is about the unwritten rules in organisations. It will be held on Wednesday, 28th June, starting at 13h in Drienerburght.

The workshop will be given by Monic Bührs. Monic is a cofounder of the "In Touch women resource management" company, an expert organisation in the area of gender and management. She has years of experience in different management functions. Within In Touch women resource management she and her partner guided a large number of women towards management positions in several companies and the public sector. Besides, they advise organisations in the area of promoting women towards higher positions, diversity management and team performance.

If you are interested, please apply before 17th June by sending an e-mail to: FFNT@utwente.nl

The maximum number of participants is 20. Don’t forget to subscribe early because the workshop will be cancelled in the case that less then 14 people have subscribed on June 17th.

The workshop program:

13.00 h Video fragments D. Tannen

The video shows how boys and girls communicate and in which way they do that differently.

13.20 h “Hardball for Women”

Presentation about different orientations between women and men.

1.                How do men and women play the game differently?

2.                What is appreciated in organisations?

There will be plenty of examples and room for deeper discussion.

14.00 h Tea/coffee break

14.15 h Strategic Best Practices participants

Participants discuss best practices with each other in small groups.

1.                What did you do?

2.                What were your results?

Plenary feedback

In Touch will complete with theoretical feedback

15.00 h Make your own powerfield/organisational network

1.                All participants make their own powerfield in which they operate.

2.                It shows who is on which position, his/her formal and informal power and how you can make use of it in a most effective way.

3.                Participants will discuss there powerfield in pairs

15.30 h “Levels of Power”

We talk about five levels of power. In this presentation it becomes clear why it is so important for us to experience all levels and why it is often so difficult for women to do so.

16.00 h End

After the workshop, a borrel is organized and will last approximately one hour.

For more information about "In Touch...", look at http://www.intouchwrm.nl