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Program Thrid Conference of the FFNT: Diversity

The Female Faculty Network Twente (FFNT) aims at creating a network where female faculty of the UT can meet, get professional training, exchange experiences and generate ideas. The main FFNT activities are the organization of lectures and workshops, raising awareness about gender issues, and advising involved parties. Member of the FFNT you are welcome to join the workshops and lectures. The lectures are also open for non-members, male and female.

You are kindly invited to join the third conference entitled ‘Diversity’ of the Female Faculty Network Twente on Thursday, November 8, 2007, in hotel de Broeierd, located close to the campus of the University of Twente (Hengelosestraat 725). The goal of the morning session of the conference is to make both, women and men, aware of the impact of diversity on the quality of organizations. The lectures will be given by internal and external speakers, who are experienced with gender issues in relation with the topic of the conference. In the afternoon, workshops for FFNT members are organized.

If you are interested in the workshops (including lunch), please subscribe by email to

Program Conference ‘Diversity’

Morning session, open to everybody

09.00 h

Welcome with coffee/tea

09.30 h


Dr. Wilma Dierkes

09.40 h


Dr. Anne Flierman

10.00 h

Handle with care

Prof.dr. Erwin Seydel

10.45 h


11.00 h

A woman's way to the top: the struggle with perceptions

Irene van Geest-Jacobs

11.45 h

The proven link between diversity and organizational success

Esther Mollema

12.30 h

Closing remarks

Dr. Wilma Dierkes

Afternoon workshops, open for female faculty only, subscription required

12.45 h

Lunch for workshop participants

13.15 h

2 parallel workshops 1&2

15.00 h


15.15 h

2 parallel workshops 1&2

17.00 h



1. The secrets of the ‘game’

How do organizations work? How can you play "the game" more efficient? When is networking appropriate?

Trainer: Erna Versteegden, Direction

2. Increasing your visibility as a leader

How and when are people perceived to be the (future) leaders of the organization? How can you influence this perception? What behaviour is most effective and how you can train yourself to become a visible leader?

Trainer: Esther Mollema, Direction


Anne Flierman is the chairman of the Executive Board of the UT. He studied history in Leiden and had several public positions. Before joining the UT he was vice-chair of the UM.

Erwin Seydel is professor in Applied Communication Studies at the UT and in Organizational Communication at the VU, next to positions at other foreign universities and UN institutions. From 1996 till 2003 he was the dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences of the UT.

Irene van Geest-Jacobs studied Languages & Literature at the University of Nijmegen with focus on Communications and Social Psychology. She was Director of Communications for the Dutch Ministry of Health, and worked for the Dutch and European Food Safety Authority. Currently Irene is finalizing her PhD on management of risk communication in food safety.

Esther Mollema has been working in the field of management and executive development for over 15 years. For her studies and work assignments she lived in the US, Japan and Germany. She directed several training organizations in Europe and the US. Since 1999, she heads her own organization, Direction.