Conference 2015

Conference 2015

Workshop “Applying for research funding, integrating gender dimension in proposals by Lotte Jaspers, Yellow Research.

April 13, 13.30 – 16.00 in Conference Hotel Drienerburght, room B or C

Applying for research funding in EU: integrating gender dimension in proposals

This workshop will explore different EU funding opportunities and focus on what it takes to obtain such a grant, how you can integrate the gender dimension in grant proposals and how you could from grants to enhance your curriculum vitae. We will have some practical discussions about strategically building your CV and what reviewers in EU grants consciously and subconsciously appreciate in CVs. Beside the CV we will discuss the basic elements of grant writing: objectives versus research question, concept, work plan, risk analysis, time schedule.

Each participant to the workshop will receive the full hand-out of the slides with a practical guide on the elementary issues of writing a European grant and presenting the best of yourself within given formats.

Lotte Jaspers, partner of Yellow Research, has extensive experience in running H2020 workshops and in pre-submission review of proposals, in particular ERC Starting, Consolidator and Advanced grants. At Yellow Research we successfully trained candidates for writing H2020 proposals. Our knowledge and experience in pre-submission review of H2020 proposals is an important aspect of our success in training principle investigators in writing winning grants.