Conference 2015

Workshop Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills: how to perform with impact, enjoy diversity and make a difference together

Your trainers:

Linda van der Wal

& Ariƫlle Brouwer


  • We start from the perspective that participants as women can play a crucial role in the future of academics. Not only by developing their own career, but also in creating an inclusive culture in academia.
  • From there on out we will focus on the pracitical points of:
  • Showing formal and informal leadership in meetings, research programs, dealing with supervisors and other important people.
  • Getting recognized as as leader in a masculine environment (visibility)
  • Dealing with challenges; for instance getting your message across while being sensitive to others

Key elements in the workshop:

  • Insights on how you can switch you behaviour according to the situation and be more effective.
  • How to show leadership: experience based excercises focussed on embodying leadership.
  • Dealing with practical situations, which ask for leadership.