Conference 2015

Conference 2015

Workshop ‘Academic leadership and gender’ by Ariëlle Brouwer & Linda van der Wal

April 13, 13.30 – 16.00 in Conference Hotel Drienerburght, room B or C

Academic leadership and gender –developing inclusive leadership skills

In this workshop we start from the perspective that women can play a crucial role in the future of academics, not only by developing their own career, but also in creating an inclusive culture in academia. The workshop will focus on the development of personal leadership skills such as:

  • showing formal and informal leadership in meetings, research programs, dealing with supervisors and other important people
  • getting recognized as as leader in a masculine environment (visibility)
  • dealing with challenges; for instance getting your message across while being sensitive to others

You will get insights on how to switch your behaviour according to the situation and be effective, how to show leadership and how to deal with practical situations.

We made an interactive program for you with evidence based theory and experience based exercises, The workshop provides you with the opportunity to practise and develop your leadership skills and challenges you to make a difference together.

Ariëlle Brouwer & Linda van der Wal provide professional training and coaching for Universiteit Twente and FFNT since 2005. They have extensive experience in consultancy and development of specific training programs for women, both in academia and at companies and nonprofit organizations.

Ariëlle Brouwer focusses on leadership embodiment, presenting with impact and effective communication, using her theatre background to create practical exercises and playful programs.

Global Workers Experience

Linda van der Wal is a social scientist with a gift to translate complex theory into practical exercises. She wrote two well received practical books on influencing yourself, and on influencing others.