Awareness Event: Virginia Valian

The FFNT decided that this year’s conference would have another format, because our goal was to include the top management of our university in an awareness workshop about gender issues in academia. In the afternoon a workshop for FFNT members was organised and the lecture at the end of the day was open to the whole University community.

Prof. Virginia Valian works for The Hunters College, US and is a professor of psychology and linguistics . She is a cognitive scientist with research focusing on language acquisition.  In particular, she has carried out a huge number of gender equity   projects and is the author of 'Why so Slow? The Advancement of Women', (MIT Press, 1998). In this study she explores the reasons for professional disparities between men and women of equal academic and professional background.  Important to mention is that Virginia Valian is well known in gender equity institutional policy.

Virginia Valian


09.00u - 12.30u

Workshop Equity and Excellence for UT top management.

14.00u - 16.00u

Workshop Power, Effectiveness and Gender for FFNT members

16.00u - 18.00u

Lecture: Equity and Excellence for UT members

A summary of the workshop and lecture of Virginia Valian can be found here.

A movie of the lecture of Virginia Valian can be found here.

An article about Virginia Valian and this events subject is published in De Volkskrant.