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Negative Emission Technologies

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To realize the ambitions set in the Paris Climate Accords, it is not enough to lower emission of CO₂. It is also necessary to remove CO₂ that has already been emitted from the atmosphere. To achieve this, so-called Negative Emission Technologies (NETs) are being developed: ways to capture CO₂ from the atmosphere or at the point of emission, both technological and natural, and ways to store it long-term or turn it into usable products. 

Five program lines have been defined:

  1. Smart, low energy CO₂ capture 
  2. Nature & technology integration for NETs
  3. Mineralisation routes of CO₂
  4. Policy implications of NETs 
  5. Carbon Harvesting Technologies


Introduction of the Negative Emission Technologies programma in a short movie:

Programme coordinator

Are you interested in working with us? Contact the programme coordinator for more information. B.P.B. Hoomans (Bob)
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