SPIN 2010

Accepted papers

The following papers have been accepted publication in the proceedings of SPIN 2010:

  • Time-Bounded Reachability in Distributed Input/Output Interactive Probabilistic Chains
    Georgel Calin, Pepijn Crouzen, Pedro R. D'Argenio, Moritz Hahn, Lijun Zhang
  • Nevertrace Claims for Model Checking
    Zhe Chen, Gilles Motet
  • On the Virtue of Patience: Minimizing Büchi Automata
    Rüdiger Ehlers, Bernd Finkbeiner
  • Context-Bounded Translations for Concurrent Software: An Empirical Evaluation
    Naghmeh Ghafari, Zvonimir Rakamaric, Alan Hu
  • Analysing Mu-Calculus Properties of Pushdown Systems (Tool Presentation)
    Matthew Hague, Luke Ong
  • The SpinJa Model Checker (Tool Presentation)
    Marc de Jonge, Theo Ruys
  • One Stack to Run Them All
    Nicholas Kidd, Suresh Jagannathan, Jan Vitek
  • Experimental Comparison of Concolic and Random Testing for Java Card Applets
    Kari Kähkönen, Roland Kindermann, Keijo Heljanko, Ilkka Niemelä
  • An Automata-Based Symbolic Approach for Verifying Programs on Relaxed Memory Models
    Alexander Linden, Pierre Wolper
  • Combining SPIN with ns-2 for protocol optimization
    Pedro Merino, Alberto Salmerón
  • Symbolic Object Code Analysis
    Jan Tobias Muehlberg, Gerald Luettgen
  • Enacting Declarative Languages using LTL: Avoiding Errors and Improving Performance
    Maja Pesic, Dragan Bosnacki, Wil van der Aalst
  • Efficient Explicit-State Model Checking on General Purpose Graphics Processors
    Damian Sulewski, Stefan Edelkamp
  • Context-Enhanced Directed Model Checking
    Martin Wehrle, Sebastian Kupferschmid
  • Automatic Generation of Model Checking Scripts based on Environment Modeling
    Kenro Yatake, Toshiaki Aoki