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INTER-IoT-EWS: Interoperable Situation-aware IoT-based Early Warning System

RUNNING project Services AND Cyber-Security (SCS)

inter-iot-ews: interoperable situation-aware iot-based early warning system 

Funded by: EU (contract nr. 53 INTER-IoT-EWS INTER-IoT-OC01)

Period: May, 2017 - Oct, 2018


Partner: Univesitat Politecnica de Valencia (Spain)


Our objective is to improve the semantic interoperability of the INTER-IoT platform with emergency services through the IoT-based Early Warning System (EWS), enabling data exchange among heterogeneous IoT platforms by developing emergency application services that require IoT ontology translations. The innovation capacity of our solution is leveraged by stressing the role of the OASIS Emergency Data Exchange Language (EDXL) for emergency services, applied in cross-domain scenarios in logistics/transportation (INTER-LogP) and healthcare (INTER-Health). To support the pre-processing of sensor data for these emergency services, we plan to develop a bi-directional ontology translation channel between Smart Appliances REFerence ontology (SAREF) and W3C Semantic Sensor Network Ontology (SSN), to be included in INTER-LAYER (IPSM). We plan to use the following standards, ontologies and data models for the description of decision rules to detect emergency situations, amongst others:

- IoT: W3C SSN, SAREF, OGC SWE (SensorThings and I3WSN)

- Emergency: OASIS EDXL (CAP, SitRep, TEP, HAVE, DE, RM)

- e/m-Health: HL7, OpenEHR, ISO EN13606

- Logistics: OTN, LogiCO (LogiTrans)

- Device, transportation, environment and weather data models: FIWARE

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