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THeCS - Trusted HealthCare Services

Finished project Services AND Cyber-Security (SCS)

THeCS - Trusted HealthCare Services

Funded by: NWO, COMMIT/

Period: Jan, 2012 - Dez, 2016



Now that e-Health (electronic health services over the internet) is becoming available there is considerable concern about privacy and security of all that data that we share or submit. The lack of trust was the reason for the Dutch Senate not to pass the bill for the proposed nationwide Electronic Patient Records system even though many millions were spent building the system. But it is not only with nationwide systems; in every communication regarding our health we want our data to be secure.

The THeCS project addresses security, privacy and trust as the key issues in adoption of novel e-Health services, which have great potential to improve healthcare and decrease cost. However, trust privacy and security are seen as roadblocks for wider adoption of these services. In this project we develop mechanisms to solve these privacy and security issues.