Finished project Services AND Cyber-Security (SCS)


Period: Oct,  2014 - Jan, 2019



In the last few years, data breaches are constantly on the front pages of major newspapers. Cyber criminals, hacktivists or state-sponsored groups are compromising the networks of companies in order to steal their assets, which span from customer data, intellectual properties, or secret documents. These attacks do not only affect the companies' businesses but also their customers and potentially their lives. For instance, a customer can be victim of identity fraud once his data has been leaked to criminals. Governments and lawmakers recognize the problem and recently approved the first legal obligations for companies regarding these incidents. Nonetheless, companies lack of many technical solutions to deal with these attacks.

#BREACHED focuses on filling the technological gap that companies face when dealing with data breaches. The goal of this project is to create innovative technical solutions that deal with different aspects of such threats. The technologies proposed in this project will allow companies to better protect themselves even in case the attacker is very powerful. The aspects touched by the project span from the prevention of a data breach to the evaluation of its consequences and severity.