Self Assembled Icosahedral Photonic Quasicrystals with a Band Gap for Visible Light

Electromagnetic wave simulations of self-assembled finite size photonic quasicrystals


Funded by:

NWO - OCENW.Groot.183





Dr. Laura Filion,
Prof.dr. Alfons van Blaaderen,
Prof.dr. Allard P. Mosk


The computation of band structures and mode profiles for photonic quasicrystals is numerically challenging due to non periodic and large, but finite size structure.
The project aim is to develop an efficient algorithm which can simulate different quasicrystal configurations, this would allow the identification of optimized quasicrystal structures and would provide a benchmark for the practical manufacturing.   

For the efficient and accurate computation of band structures and mode profiles for 3D photonic quasicrystals, we intend to develop a generalized finite element discretization   for Maxwell's equation which is based on a micro-macro decomposition.
In order to define a macro-finite element space, we want to develop discontinuous virtual finite elements (dVFEM) since the elements of the macro-mesh will be defined as the geometric blocks that form the quasicrystal, and these polygons have potentially complex and non-convex geometry.

Moreover, in order to increase the approximation properties of the dVFEM functions and to account for the structural properties of the building blocks, we also plan to enrich the virtual finite element space on each macro-element.