Deterministic wave modelling and simulation for offshore and harbour applications -

Wave Reconstruction Based on Radar Images for Coastal Wave Applications


Funded by:

STW 11642


Andreas Parama Wijaya


Brenny van Groesen


LabMath-Indonesia (


A reconstruction method, called DAES (Dynamic Averaging and Evolution Scenario), has been developed and has been proven to lead to good reconstruction of the sea from synthetic radar images of synthetic seas with moderate wave height above a flat bottom. The extension of the method to deal with the wave observation in coastal areas is now investigated. This research aims to provide an accurate sea state in coastal areas which can be useful, for instance, for traffic management of sailing ships in harbors and for coastal engineers to build structures based on the characteristic of the reconstructed waves. 

To deal with the waves propagating in coastal zones, an efficient and accurate wave software called HAWASSI-AB is used. The software has been validated against many measurements for cases breaking and nonbreaking waves, wave propagating above varying depth, waves colliding to fully or partially reflecting walls, and wave run-up on a coast.  Further information of the software can be found on




Figure 1. Wave Reconstruction from Radar Images


Figure 2. Wave Observation by A Radar on A Ship